Here is my unit of 5 Knights for Warrior miniatures Warlords game.  I added the shields as the did not come with any.

They are based on 40mm bases.   Fast, fun and easy to paint.

Next is the Giant and wizards!IMG_2251 IMG_2252 IMG_2254 IMG_2256 IMG_2257

The Orcs!

Posted: May 18, 2014 in Wargaming

The Orcs are here and ready to battle.  A unit of 9 orcs lead by a nasty War troll.

The Orcs are by Warrior miniatures and the troll is an old grenadier troll.

Warrior do not produce a troll so I used the grenadier troll.  I think they match well enough.

Next is the Human Knights.

IMG_2242 IMG_2243 IMG_2244 IMG_2245 IMG_2246 IMG_2247 IMG_2248

I just need to flock the bases and they are done!   Next on to the human mounted knights.

This is the Warrior Miniatures Dragon for the Warlords Game.  Listed as DF500 Dragon.

The Dragon was clean and well cast.  The wings have posts that go into the body to help pin it when glued in place.

I really like the sculpt and the pose of the beast.

It was painted with Army Painter Dragon Red primer, painted and dipped in AP dark tone.


For size comparison here is the  Warrior Miniatures DF181 Good Wizard.


Also a Warrior Miniatures Citadel Guard Cavalry DF198 Knight, sword, on cloth barded horse.


I really love this fantasy range and John at Warrior Miniatures is awesome to do business with.

WARLORDS by Warrior Miniatures.

Posted: March 20, 2014 in Wargaming

My first war band.

IMG_3983IMG_3987IMG_3986 IMG_3984

My review of England Invaded miniatures. 

The British squad painted & dipped in Army Painter Dark Tone.

Next is the German sniper squad.

The miniatures were fun & easy to paint.  I used Army Painter color primer on the British and just cheap gray primer on the Germans.

All were dipped in AP Dark Tone and coated with Testors Dull Coat.

I really like the miniatures and will be getting more.

You can get them here at Over the Wire.

My review of England Invaded Rule book.

Page 1 is the front cover.  The picture is a zeppelin over a bombed out London street with a few Tommy’s running from cover.  The picture is just a pencil type drawing with is ok as it gives you the feeling of the war-torn streets.  I don’t know why but they put a copyright box smack dab in the picture.  That looks a little odd but oh well.

Page 2 is the summary of the game and the index.

Page 3 to 7 is the back story about how the war got started.  It is a good read and has lots of cool ideas about this world of pre-WW1.

Page 8 and 9  tells about the country’s involved in the war.  It covers Britain, France, Germany, The Confederate States of America and the Sky Pirates.

Page 10 starts the rules of the game.  Page 10 covers squad types like Command squads, Infantry squads, Assault squads and Support squads.

Page 11 covers the “bases” wich are the miniatures in the game.  Command, Trooper, Assault and Support.  Also command structure.

Page 12 and 13  has the squad statistics wich are Command rating ( CR ), Elan ( E ), Move ( M ), Die modifier firing ( DMF ) & Die modifier combat ( DMC ).

Then they have the base stats that are long, medium and short-range effectiveness points ( EP’s ).  This is the number each miniature gets a what range it is at.  You add the numbers together for the total EP’s. 

Page 14  is about the game turn.  Initiative, activate squads and moral checks.

Page 15 has actions, suppressed & pinned squads and movement.

Page 16 is about the ranged combat firearm table.  You add up the squads EP’s then roll 2D10 and average them.  Then subtract a few modifiers including the DMF score.  Consult the table and your squad gets no effect, suppression or pinning, or killed 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 bases.

Page 17 has suppressed or pinned squads and saves.  Also other ranged weapons like indirect weapons.

Page 18 is all about close combat wich is very similar to shooting..

Page 19 has sniper rules and experimental weapons.

Page 20 covers flame throwers, grenade launchers and the combined flamer / grenade launcher..

Page 21 covers gas, smoke and ammo limits.

Page 22 has an example scenario of a sniper hunt.

Page 23 is about creating your own squads.

Page 24 is the back cover and has stats for british and german infantry squads,  Assault squads and Sniper squads.  It also list the support base stats wich are flamer/grenade, HMG, LMG, Mortar, Grenade launcher and flame thrower.

Here is a ranged combat example.

I have a six man infantry squad shooting at Pzgenerals 8 man  german squad in light cover at medium range.

I have 1 command base worth 2 EP’s at medium range.  4 trooper bases at medium range worth 2 EP’s each.  1 flame thrower worth 3 EP’s at medium range.  My total is 13 EP’s.  I roll 2D10 and average them 4 and 8 = 6 – 1 for soft cover + 1 for the DMF score of the british troops.  I have a total of 6.  Looking at the firearms table 13 EP’s vs. a 6 = suppression / pinning.  Pzgeneral needs to roll a D10 and add his CR.  If the total is less than 4 he is pinned.  If the total is 5 to 8 he is suppressed.  If  his roll is 9+ he is fine and can act normally on his next turn.

The rules are  easy to read and follow.  I think this is a fun little game that should be great for clubs and cons.

The game can be found here.

Next up are the painted minis.

My copy is in the mail.

Mailed 1/31/2011  received 2/12/2011

So I received my package yesterday form Warrior miniatures and it was wrapped tightly in a white paper covering.

After I removed the cover paper I found a cardboard sleeve folded over the plastic game bag to protect its cargo.  Very well done guys.

I removed the plastic sleeve to find a nice clean unbent copy of the rules. All the nice packaging paid off!!  Again good job guys!  The cover of the black and white book is made of good cardstock.  The rules are 24 pages long.

The interior pages are nice sturdy white paper with clean professional looking text and layout.

The miniatures are packed in a nice and tight clamshell with a piece of foam on the backside.   They were tight enough that the minis did not rattle around.   The blister contained 10 28mm miniatures.   Again good job guys!

The first 7 are the british soldiers.  1 Sargeant, 1 flame thrower and 5 troopers.  28mm miniatures with little or no flash. The miniatures are good sculps that are a little cartoonish but I like them.

Next we have 3 German soldiers.  1 Sergeant and 2 snipers also 28mm with little or no flash. They are also good sculpts with lots of character.

Here is a shot for scale  of the British next to a Renegade miniatures 28mm miniature .

Here are the Germans next to a Renegade miniatures 28mm miniature .

I have given the rules a good look but need to sit down and read through them to get the nuts and bolts down. When I do I will be sure to post on them.  Overall I like what I got and Warrior did a great job of protecting the contents!  Again good job guys!

I even received a thank you card from John of Warrior miniatures! 

 Here is the web page for Warrior miniatures England Invaded.

Thank you john and warriors miniatures and good job!